1,000 euros for the sponsoring association

The painting “Princess Amalia Augusta of Anhalt-Dessau in front of a Christmas tree”, which returned to Dessau shortly before Advent, was a perfect Christmas present for our city. By means of a specially produced Christmas card, the motif could also be sent to many people’s homes and as a greeting to the whole world. Over 1,000 copies have been sold so far in the two tourist information offices of the city marketing company. The profit generated in the amount of 1,000 euros rounded up was handed over today to the “Anhaltische Gemäldegalerie und Georgengarten” Dessau sponsorship association.

Prof. Engelbert Seeber, chairman of the association, was delighted with the donation: “After ten years of focusing on the Georgengarten, we are now increasingly turning our attention to the picture gallery with the upcoming reopening.

The proceeds from the ticket sales will be used to restore another Tischbein painting, including the purchase of a new, worthy frame.

It is a portrait of Princess Friederike of Prussia. I would like to thank all the donors but also the hardworking ticket sellers.”

Hannes Wolf, Managing Director of the Stadtmarketinggesellschaft Dessau-Roßlau mbH was surprised by the sales figures: “At the beginning we assumed that maybe 100 tickets would be sold. That it became then over 1,000, makes me very happy. Thanks go to the many buyers of our Christmas card, but not least also to the past, namely to Princess Amalia Augusta for her sales-promoting, graceful countenance and to the painter Tischbein, who captured the Christmas scene so wonderfully.”

The painting, along with other works by Tischbein, will be on display at Georgium Palace until Jan. 9, 2022, as part of the “Princess Christmas” cabinet exhibition. The card is also available for purchase there.