Zu Gast: Das Meer ist kein Abgrund. SUPERFLEX
from 31.03.2022 to 25.09.2022

Stage puppets. Oskar Schlemmer and Kia LaBeija
from 31.03.2022 to 25.09.2022

Experimental Space:
Take a Breath! An Audio Collage on the Bauhaus
from 31.03.2022 to 26.02.2023

Included in the entry price of the museum.

Bauhaus Museum Dessau
Mies-van-der-Rohe-Platz 1
(along Kavalierstraße)
06844 Dessau-Roßlau


Bauhaus Museum Dessau

Intermezzi: exhibitions in the exhibition

The Intermezzi in the Black Box of the Bauhaus Museum Dessau are temporary exhibitions in the exhibition space. They expand on the presentation of the collection in Versuchsstätte Bauhaus and continue to build on it.

On Collecting presents new groups of objects in the collection of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation as well as objects that have not been given a permanent space in the museum.

Be Hosted invites objects from international Bauhaus collections as well as curators, artists and designers who deal with themes and objects of Bauhaus modernism.

While Experimental Space sets out how the Bau­haus Agents run projects with schools in Dessau-Roßlau. Here, visitors can try their hands at small experimentation and design tasks.

Rita Evans
25.11.2021 – 26.06.2022

Alexis Lowry (curator, Dia Art Foundation) with the work of Charlotte Posenenske as well as Hannes Bajohr
30.09.2021 – 10.04.2022

Isa Rosenberger

07.02.2022 – 24.02.2022 and
01.08.2022 – 30.09.2022

Mi – So 10 – 17 Uhr

Entrance fee Haus Gropius

Haus Gropius
Ebertallee 57
06846 Dessau-Roßlau


Haus Gropius

Fictional 2020 – 2022

Artworks and artistic work processes create specific new approaches to the world and are fictional in this sense. The meaning of fiction is revealing here: a term derived from the Latin verb “fingere”, which means nothing other than “to create, to form, to invent”.
In their work, artists repeatedly explore how meaning and value are constituted in a specific present. What is told why and how? And what differences, points of friction and overlaps arise when fictions are dedicated to the same subject, but are realized by different artists with different means and perspectives?
Focusing on this investigation, Haus Gropius || Fictional from 2020 onwards presents collective forms of artistic work in the various disciplines: two-part, polyphonic, contrapuntal.

30.04.2022 – 12.06.2022
Tue – Sun  10.00 a. m. – 5.00 p. m.

Orangery at Georgium Palace
Puschkinallee 100
06846 Dessau-Roßlau

Anhaltischer Kunstverein e. V.
Askanische Straße 22
06842 Dessau-Roßlau

Orangery at Georgium

Fran­­ziska Guet­t­­ler - TAVIGNANU

The renowned Leipzig painter Franziska Guettler is exhibiting paintings on canvas and ink drawings on paper. The title of the exhibition TAVIGNANU is taken from the name of a wild and enchanted mountain river on the island of Corsica, whose clear water runs through a quiet valley between wooded slopes and large bright rocks. The name awakens an indeterminate field of picturesque, enraptured associations that recall comfort, peacefulness, hope, but also being on the move, setting out, escaping the world and utopia. Water carries boats and goods, washes over beaches and stones.

For the artist, Tavignanu is a place in the somewhere, an earthly vanishing point, a station on the river of transience that could circumscribe a beginning as well as an evening or a dream. The river as transit, sheltered riverside landscapes, tranquillity and movement, lost in translation. With her expressive works, she almost seismographically captures the nerve of the times, while remaining subtle and uncertain.

Vernissage on 30.04.2022, 5.00 p.m.

10.04.2022 – 31.10.2022
We – Sun  10.00 a.m. – 05.00 p.m.

Museum of Natural History and Prehistory
Askanische Straße 32
06844 Dessau-Roßlau

Museum of Natural History and Prehistory
Askanische Straße 32
06844 Dessau-Roßlau

Museum of Natural History and Prehistory

Natural Impressions - Elbe, Oder, Wolga

In the “Natural Impressions” exhibition, the Dessau Museum of Natural History and Prehistory is dedicated to the floodplains of the European rivers Elbe, Oder and Volga. Four photographers were able to be won for the exhibition, who will show their pictures: Heike Setzermann and Dirk Vorwerk took atmospheric and impressive pictures of the landscape, animals and plants of the Elbe meadows. Dr. Karsten Neumann was out and about with his camera on the Oder on the border between Brandenburg and Poland and Dmitri Innus in the Volga delta. The four photographers contribute fantastic photos from their pool.

Experts count river floodplains among the azonal habitats. In doing so, they express the fact that floodplains are very similar even if they are located in very different natural areas and climates. The museum uses valuable specimens from its collections to illustrate such connections, but also addresses the differences along the three rivers.

28.04.2022 – 13.06.2022

Umweltbundesamt – Foyer
Wörlitzer Platz 1
06844 Dessau-Roßlau

Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environment Agency)
Wörlitzer Platz 1
06844 Dessau-Roßlau

Federal Environment Agency


The exhibition “MenschenWelt” (human world) shows how consumption and activities in Germany are connected to ecosystems, climate and quality of life around the world. There are numerous hands-on stations and suggestions in the form of animations, animated films, listening stations, many interactive exhibits and short, clear texts that convey the facts in an informative way.

The exhibition offers a look at the hole in the ozone layer and in the ocean, a marble ride in the phosphate cycle, a scale for virtual water and much more.

July 2021 until July 2022

The exact locations of the picture banks can be found on the map on the exhibition page.

If you have any questions, please contact the Tourist Information Dessau.


Open Space Gallery

Take your time for a walk through the city and discover the most beautiful places of Dessau-Roßlau as photo impressions on an approximately 3.5 km long circuit between the train station and Kavalierstraße.

In this interesting format, the temporary exhibition presents appealing topics such as urban development, urban history and urban culture.

Local and regional photographers were asked to send in their very personal and most beautiful views of the sights of Dessau-Roßlau. The impressive results can be viewed on a walk through the city, can also be experienced digitally and inspire people to visit the original sites.
The photo impressions will be on display until spring 2022. After that, the exhibition will change thematically.

Click here to go to the exhibition page.