Top 10 photo spots in Dessau

In times of social media it becomes more and more important to provide your community with creative and unique photo material and so photo spots gain more and more popularity. That’s why we’ve spent a lot of time on social media over the last few weeks looking at which spots in Dessau are getting a lot of attention and fit well into any feed.

Zu sehen ist ein Pärchen die ein Selfie vor dem Mausoleum in Dessau machen.

1. mausoleum in the zoo

With its round dome, the mausoleum stands out from afar and can be seen from many places in the city.
The former grave site of the Dukes of Anhalt is located in the Dessau Zoo and is a real eye-catcher for your followers. In the dome walkway are all the inscriptions of various contemporary witnesses in German, Polish or Italian, among other languages.
Among them are confessions of love, political statements or wistful farewells to the homeland. However, a tour of the interior of the building is only possible on Open Monument Day or on other special occasions.
From the outside, the mausoleum can be visited and photographed all year round.



2. smoking tower

The Smoking Tower is not only full of artwork by various street artists, which give your pictures a charm all of their own, from up here you can also super enjoy the view over Dessau.
With clear skies, you can even see the Brocken with a little luck. Also in the dark with a view of the illuminated train station, the tower offers a great photo location. A special highlight of the tower is the smell of smoked meat, which you can perceive if you smell the door gap on the second level.


Auf dem Bild machen zwei Frauen ein gemeinsames Bild von sich auf dem Räucherturm Dessau. Im Hintergrund ist die Stadt zu sehen.
Eine blonde junge Frau macht ein Bild von sich vor dem Ionischen Tempel in Dessau.

3. ionic temple

For the nature types among you who are into romanticizing and classicistic architecture, the Georgengarten is the right place to take dreamy pictures.
The English-style park is located near the Masters’ Houses and is part of the Dessau-Wörlitz Garden Kingdom. A popular spot is the Ionian Temple. From its columns you can admire all the sight lines of the Georgengarten. Especially in winter, when the temple is surrounded by snow, its beauty comes out.


4. the famous Master Houses

Not much explanation is needed for this spot. Anyone who knows the Bauhaus and Walter Gropius also knows the Masters’ Houses in Dessau.
At that time, the masters, i.e. the directors of the Bauhaus and the Bauhaus teachers, lived in these abstract houses. With their modern architecture, the houses contrast with their green surroundings. In our opinion, a real eye-catcher for any visitor to your Instagram page.


Ein junger Mann in schwarzer Lederjacke macht Bilder von den Meisterhäusern in Dessau.
Zwei junge Frauen machen ein gemeinsames Bild in der Gartenträume Lounge in Dessau. Im Hintergrund ist das Rathauscenter und das Rathaus zu sehen

5. our square

The market square forms the central heart of the city. Old and young meet here to relax with an ice cream or a coffee in the Gartenträume lounge on the market square.
In the spring to fall months, the square becomes a promenade in the evenings. With delicious food and good service, events can be followed on the specially erected open-air stage. With its lighting, the market square becomes a real Instagram hotspot around that time.

Tip: There is an Irish pub in the basement of the town hall. There you can have lunch or in the evening, when the town hall is beautifully illuminated, try over 200 types of whiskey.


Auf dem Bild sind zwei junger Männer zu sehen, die ein Bild vor dem Bauhaus in Dessau machen. Einer der beiden trägt einen Turban. Das Bild wurde in der Selfie-Perspektive gemacht.

6. the Bauhaus

A bit cliché, but still a must for any visit to Dessau. With its clarity and transparency, the Bauhaus is considered an icon of modernism. It is not without reason that the hearts of architects and design enthusiasts as well as amateur photographers beat faster; this is where the foundation stone of modern architecture was laid. So for a typical Dessau picture, you should definitely not miss the Bauhaus.

Tip: For the small hunger in between, snacks and drinks can be consumed in the café-bistro, in the basement of the Bauhaus building from 10:00.


7. the white bridge at Luisium Castle

With its curved shape and the Luisium Castle in the background, the bridge creates a romantic flair. Not without reason, the bridge is one of the most popular photo motifs among Dessau residents and looks like something out of a fairy tale.

Tip: In autumn, the spot is especially colorful and Instagrammable thanks to the park all around.


Ein junges Pärchen sitzt auf der Wiese und macht ein Selfie von sich un dem Luisium in Dessau
Vier Personen machen ein gemeinsames Bild von sich vor dem Bundesumweltamt in Dessau

8. the UBA

From the train station you can already see the building with its colorful elements -.
the Federal Environment Agency, or UBA for short, not only meets high environmental and energy standards, the building is also a super photo spot that almost looks urban because of its glass roof and interior planting.
The colorful glass blocks on the facade are adapted to their respective urban surroundings. The predominant red tones are oriented towards the city and are meant to pick up the colorfulness of the existing building. The shades of green and blue-green are meant to pick up the colors of the parks. So it’s a real eye-catcher for your Instagram account. Contrasting with the UBA is the former Wörlitz train station in front of the building. With its red brick, the distinctive clock on the left side and the big red door, true vintage images can be created here.


9. the new Bauhaus Museum

The Bauhaus Museum is one of the most popular photo locations in Dessau.
With its glass facade, it is a flawless mirror for the surrounding lights and offers many opportunities to experiment with the camera.
Especially in the evening, when different lights collide and find themselves in the glass front, the museum is definitely an eye-catcher in your Instagram feed.


Das Bild zeigt einen Mann im Anzug, der ein Selfie vor dem beleuchteten Bauhausmuseum in Dessau macht
Das Bild zeigt ein Pärchen auf einer kleinen Holzbrücke im Georgium in Dessau, die ein Bild von sich machen

10. the step bridge

For all romantics among you, a visit to the step bridge at the Viereckteich in Beckerbruch is recommended. The wooden bridge, surrounded by a river landscape of willows and oaks, creates a dreamy atmosphere, especially in the summer months when the trees are green and the landscape is reflected in the water.


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