World Heritage Day 2023

UNESCO World Heritage Day in the World Heritage Region:
Action program with free ride on World Heritage Line 304 complements event program of World Heritage sites.

June 4, 2023 is UNESCO World Heritage Day nationwide. Under the motto “Our world. Our Heritage. Our Responsibility.” there are numerous offers in the World Heritage Region Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg around the topic of sustainability, including a varied action program on the World Heritage Line 304 organized by the regional association.

For more than 3 years, public transport line 304 has been running as a World Heritage Line between Dessau,
Wörlitz and Wittenberg – daily and often at hourly intervals. In order to draw the attention of locals and guests to this offer, we invite you to a varied program of activities during the normal bus trips in the core time from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on three highly frequented days in the year (04.06. UNESCO World Heritage Day, 12.08. Garden Kingdom Day and 10.09. Open Monument Day).

Costumed personalities of past times, including Katja Köhler as Katharina von Bora, Astrid Räuchle as Barbara Cranach and Christian Ratzel as J.S. Bach await interested passengers as well as a colorful musical entertainment program by the Wittenberg musician Jan Pajak alias Jan von Suppengrün on the guitar.

With the support of our tourism association, the Stadtmarketinggesellschaft Dessau-Roßlau and Vetter GmbH, we have also succeeded in granting bus line guests free travel between the World Heritage cities of Dessau, Wörlitz and Wittenberg on this day. Among them, there will be special trips* of the line marked in the program, which are marked in the normal operation of the timetable as a call bus.

Since 2021, the WelterbeLinie has been a service partner of the WelterbeCard.
card holders to travel free of charge on bus routes 304 (Dessau – Wörlitz – Wittenberg)
and 310 (Dessau – Oranienbaum / Biosphere Reserve – Grafenhainichen/Ferropolis).
The additional promotion of line 304 with an action program is intended to raise even more
more attention for the public transport offer and increase the number of passengers.
be increased.

A lot has already been done for this in the previous years 2020-2022:

Stop signs on the line were redesigned or renewed under this branding, a bus was decorated with the motifs Luther | Bauhaus | Garden Kingdom, the bus was renamed within the route network, and tourist audio announcements about sights in the region were implemented on the line. The World Heritage Line is intended to strengthen the sustainable offer within the World HeritageCard in addition to the cycling tourism offers.

The following program awaits them on 04.06.2023 from 10.00 – 18.00:

▪ Jan Pajak as Jan von Suppengrün on the guitar, 10.02-11.10 a.m. (WB-DE) & return 12.49-13.58 p.m. as well as 14.02-15.10 p.m. (WB-DE) & return 15.49-16.58 p.m. (to WB Hbf.), accompanied by Astrid Räuchle as Barbara Cranach.

▪ Katja Köhler as Katharina von Bora, 2.02-15.10 p.m. (WB-DE) & return 3.49-16.58 p.m. (to Wittenberg Hbf.)

▪ Tour guide Christiane Quanz, 10.49-11.21 a.m. (DE-WÖ) & return 12.39-13.10 p.m. (to DE Hbf.) as well as 14.49-15.21 p.m. (DE-WÖ) & return 16.39-17.10 p.m. (to DE Hbf.), accompanied by Hiltrud Brand on the occasion of “350 years of Oranienbaum”

*Special trips (instead of regular call bus)
15.49-16.58 (DE-WB)
16.49-17.58 (DE-WB) last trip!
16.02-17.10 (WB-DE)
17.02-18.10 (WB-DE) last trip!

Event program in the World Heritage Sites:
You can find a summary of the event highlights awaiting visitors to our four UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the website of the regional association as well as in the attached flyer and on the websites of the participating World Heritage Sites and tourist information offices.