The Anhaltische Theater presents a weekend of great diversity

From November 4-6, the Anhaltische Theater offers glittering highlights in all five sections:
The spectator has the choice on the three days between opera, concert, ballet, play, puppet theater as well as a jazz band evening.

On Friday, November 4, the “2nd Symphony Concert” and “Nibelungen – A SOLO for Kriemhild” as an impressive one-woman performance are scheduled. Under the direction of Elisa Gogou, the Anhalt Philharmonic Orchestra, together with star pianist Joseph Moog, will perform works by Polish composers Bacewicz, Chopin and Lutosławski in the Großes Haus, while Kerstin Dathe will bring the Middle High German heroic epic to life from Kriemhild’s perspective in an exciting mix of drama and puppetry in the Altes Theater.

On Saturday, November 5, audiences can look forward to the soulful arias in Mozart’s masterpiece “The Magic Flute” in Johannes Weigand’s production at the Großes Haus, and there will be a modern, powerful ballet performance of “Sacre” to the piano sounds of Igor Stravinsky at the Altes Theater.

The puppet show “The Little Dream Eater” invites you on a journey into slumberland to discover the power of dreams. In the Großes Haus, Tennessee Williams’ intense drama classic “Endstation Sehnsucht” can be experienced in a production by Mizgin Bilmen, and swing, blues, jazz and even fusion are on the “Jazz im Foyer” program with the Gerold Heitbaum Quartet “Autumn Leaves” in the Altes Theater.

04.11.22, 7:00 p.m., Old Theater.
Nibelungen – A SOLO for Kriemhild
04.11.22, 19:30, Great House
2nd symphony concert
05.11.22, 17:00, Great House
The Magic Flute
05.11.22, 20:00, Old Theater
Sacre (world premiere)
06.11.22, 15:00, Old Theater
The Dream Eater
06.11.22, 16:00, Great House
Final Station Longing
06.11.22, 19:30, Old Theater
Jazz in the Foyer

Picture credits: The Magic Flute_ © Claudia Heysel