Love, hate and great hope

Love, hate and great hopes as driving forces – The weekend program of the Anhaltisches Theater: musicals, plays, ballet as well as puppet theater productions for young and old.

On Friday let with the Gerold Heitbaum Quartett as well as the Saxonia Thüringen Quartett will make the hearts of jazz fans beat faster in the Old Theater at 7:30 p.m. beat faster. In the large house sound on Saturday at 17 o’clock the compositions of Tom Waits, if Wilhelm in the dark-currilous Freischütz musical “The Black Rider: The
Casting of the Magic Bullets”, Wilhelm accepts magic bullets from Stelzfuß in order to marry his great love. After the second place at the XII. Monospektakel at the Theater Reutlingen, the lively mix of drama and puppet show “Nibelungen – Ein SOLO für Kriemhild” on Saturday at 20 o’clock in the old theater to experience. Fearlessly and facet-richly
embodies Kerstin Dathe Kriemhild and plays at the same time the entire personnel of the large
Hero epic with figures.

On Sunday in the old theater in the Puppentheaterstück “the crooked house” at 15
five children, who feel neglected by the adults, retreat to an attic.

At 4 p.m. in the Großes Haus, the classic play “Endstation Sehnsucht” is staged for the last time.
Sehnsucht” in the production of Mizgin Bilmen, where under a large, under a large, glaring sun, as if under a burning glass, when they are cornered. At the end of the weekend, the varied dance performances of the young choreographers at 6 p.m. in the Old Theater.

Weekend dates at the Anhaltisches Theater Dessau (17.02.-19.02.2023):

17.02.23, 19:30, Altes Theater/Foyer Jazz im Foyer: Gerold Heitbaum Quartett & Saxonia Thüringen Quartett

18.02.23, 17:00, Großes Haus The Black Rider: The Casting of the Magic Bullets

18.02.23, 20:00, Altes Theater/Puppet Theatre Nibelungen – a SOLO for Kriemhild

19.02.23, 15:00, Old Theatre/Puppet Theatre The Leaning House

19.02.23, 16:00, Großes Haus Endstation Sehnsucht (last performance)

19.02.23, 18:00, Altes Theater/Studio achthochzwei. Young Choreographers IV

Tickets are available at all advance booking offices of the Anhaltisches Theater, at the tourist information offices in Dessau and Roßlau, online at and at the box office.

Picture credits:
Endstation Sehnsucht_© Claudia Heysel