Motif for Advent market cup 2023 found

The winner of the painting competition for the Advent Market Cup 2023 is Luka. He is 10 years old and comes from Dessau-Roßlau. His Christmas motif with a funny reindeer, a Santa Claus and a luminous fir tree convinced the jury the most out of the total of 110 drawings submitted. He was closely followed by the two motifs of 8-year-old Frieda and 10-year-old Marc.

The idea of looking for the motif for the mulled wine cup during the Advent season the previous year proved successful and will be continued next year.

The organizer of the Dessau Advent Market, Grill und Imbiss Merkel GmbH, and the Stadtmarketinggesellschaft Dessau-Roßlau are looking forward to a variety of motif search topics. So the competition could also have an anniversary reference or be proclaimed under different age or occupational groups.

In 2021, a painting competition for the Advent market cup was called for the first time. The winner was 10-year-old Ghina from Dessau. Her great Christmas motif adorned the cups at the Advent Market 2022. The cups were already sold out on the second Advent weekend.