Dieter "Didi" Hallervorden returns

Dessau-Roßlau’s honorary citizen, the actor and cabaret artist Dieter Hallervorden, came up with a real surprise today. After his visit to the Dessau City Hall, where he had a conversation of almost an hour with Lord Mayor Robert Reck, he announced to members of the press his return to the theater in the twin city. He has been considering the idea for some time, he said, and has now identified a location where he can imagine theater programs: in a former event center that still needs to be structurally tested for its suitability.

To examine his plans quickly, the new city leader promised him. “I think it’s nice and I’m grateful that you’ve dropped by for a visit so quickly,” Dr. Robert Reck was pleased to say.

The fact that Hallervorden wants to reestablish ties with his hometown and inspire people here with several stage programs went down well with the new city hall boss.

Subject to approval for the venue, various stage programs, not only by Dieter Hallervorden but also by artist friends, are already to be experienced from the end of November. There was talk of 30 performances for the time being, to test how things go. Hallervorden himself will provide the appropriate ambience for performances with around 350 spectators.

Dessau-Roßlau can therefore be excited! We are pleased about the commitment of our honorary citizen Dieter Hallervorden.
Text/Picture: Carsten Sauer