Final events

Remaining tickets for the lake concerts and the final concert available.

The program of the Garden Kingdom Summer offers with two lake concerts once again the opportunity to enjoy the classic triad of gondola ride over the lakes and canals of the Wörlitz Park, rich dinner with drinks on the gondolas and concert at the most beautiful places in the park.

For the 10th lake concert, the Anhalt Wind Quintet will present “Beim Kräuseln der Wellen – Eine kleine Wassermusik” on August 26 before the Berlin Viola Quartet invites you to the finale of this year’s lake concerts on September 2 under the motto “Querbeet – eine musikalische Zeitreise”.

Remaining tickets are still available for the lakeside concerts, which begin at 6 p.m. at the gondola station in Wörlitz, and for the final concert of this year’s Garden Kingdom Summer with piano quintets by Johann Nepomuk Hummel and Franz Schubert on September 10 at 5 p.m. in Mosigkau Castle.

Dates Lake Concerts:
8/26/2023, 10th lake concert “Beim Kräuseln der Wellen – Eine kleine Wassermusik” | Anhaltisches Bläserquintett
2.9.2023, 11th lake concert “Querbeet – a musical journey through time” | Berliner Violaquartett

The concert starts at 6 p.m. at the gondola station in Wörlitz Park.

Date Final concert of the Garden Kingdom Summer:
10.9.2022 – 5 p.m. | Mosigkau Castle

The Garden Kingdom Summer is organized by the Kulturstiftung Dessau-Wörlitz, the Anhaltisches Theater Dessau and the Ringhotel “Zum Stein” Wörlitz.

Remaining tickets are available at all advance booking offices of the Anhaltisches Theater, on the Internet at and at the box office.

Photo lake concert: Claudia Heysel