A journey through Dessau-Roßlau

The Friends of the Anhaltische Landesbücherei Dessau, together with illustrator Billa Spiegelhauer, presented a Wimmel book with motifs from Dessau-Roßlau on May 14, 2023, to mark 125 years of the Dessau City Library. On 16 pages, young and old readers can discover just about everything that has to do with our city.

City Hall, Peace Bell, Anhalt Theater, Train Station, Bear Clock, Y-Houses, Bauhaus Building and Museum, Masters’ Houses, St. John’s Church, Water Castle, Egg Cutter, UBA, Georgium, Luisium, Hunting Bridge, Elbe, Mulde and much more. All around there is a lot of teeming movement of people and animals on the streets, paths and playgrounds. Eleven pigeons can be found, five cats, 23 ducks, two storks, 13 dogs, a turtle and two wedding couples.

There is hardly any text, but that is not the purpose of a Wimmel book. Rather, the aim is to familiarize children with the medium of books at an early age. Along the way, children can discover places in their city that they already know, which strengthens their identification with their hometown.

The Wimmel book is available for €12 at our two tourist information centers in Dessau and Roßlau. There is also a wide range of other literature for young and old with reference to our twin city and the region.

Photo: The chairman of the Förderverein der Anhaltischen Landesbücherei Dessau e.V. Thomas Passek personally brought the first delivery of the Wimmel books to the Tourist Information Dessau and handed them over to Managing Director Hannes Wolf.