UNESCO World Heritage Day on 5 June 2022

UNESCO World Heritage Day was created in 2005 by the German Commission for UNESCO together with UNESCO World Heritage Sites Germany. Since then, it has been celebrated every year on the first Sunday in June with guided tours, various activities and also music at the various World Heritage sites.
The World Heritage List now includes 1,154 sites, 51 of which are in Germany. In 2022, the UNESCO World Heritage Convention will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Under the motto: “50 Years of the World Heritage Convention Preserving Heritage – Shaping the Future”, World Heritage Day will again be celebrated this year by the World Heritage sites in Germany.
In view of climate change, increasing population density and the scarcity of resources, World Heritage Sites are more important than ever.
Explore the various cultural and natural heritage sites again this year.
On UNESCO World Heritage Day, there will be guided tours and adventure activities for children and adults as well as virtual offerings.

There are 4 World Heritage Sites in Dessau.
Take advantage of the UNESCO World Heritage Day and visit our Bauhaus, the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz, the Biosphere Reserve and the State Library to see Luther’s Letter to the Romans.

Furthermore, there are various programme points spread around the entire day.

The City Marketing Society offers insights into three World Heritage sites on a World Heritage bike tour.
Together with a knowledgeable tour guide, the approx. 3-hour tour starts at the Historic Labour Office designed by Walter Gropius. Only a few metres away, the burial ground now known as the Historical Cemetery bears the signature of Friedrich Wilhelm von Erdmannsdorff, the creator of many buildings and gardens in the Dessau-Wörlitz Garden Kingdom. You can find out which personalities are buried here during a short tour. The tour leads through the Georgium to the Kornhaus. Here you will receive information about the newly designed “Kühnauer Aue” floodplain path in the UNESCO Central Elbe Biosphere Reserve.

Those interested can accompany the cycle tour in its entirety or visit individual stations.

– 14:00 Meeting point at the Historic Labour Office, August-Bebel Platz 1
– approx. 2:45 p.m. Historical Cemetery, Erdmannsdorff Portal, Chaponstraße 6
– approx. 15:45 Bauhaus building, meeting point in front of the library, Gropiusallee 34
– approx. 16:20 Kornhaus, Kornhausstraße 146
From there the tour continues towards the Auenpfad, where it ends at around 5 pm.

The tour is free of charge. Please register in advance at the Tourist Information Dessau (Tel. 0340 88292000, post@visitdessau.com).

More offers

All day
Free use of World Heritage bus route 304 Dessau – Wörlitz – Lutherstadt Wittenberg
Cultural accompaniment on the bus route:

Jan Pajak alias Jan von Suppengrün on the guitar, 10.02-11.10 a.m. (WB-DE) & return 12.51-13.58 p.m. as well as 14.02-15.10 p.m. (WB-DE) and return at 15.51-16.58 p.m.* (DE-WB)
Katja Köhler as Katharina von Bora, 14.02-15.10 hrs (WB-DE) & return at 15.51-16.58 hrs* (DE-WB)
Anke John as Dessau tour guide accompanies the bus from Dessau, 10.51-11.21 (DE-WÖ) & back 12.39-13.10 as well as 13.51-14.21* (DE-WÖ) and on to WB (14.58)* & back 15.02* from WB via WÖ (15.39)* to DE (16.10)*
12-14 grass women from the EKMAGADI project accompany the 10.51 am line from Dessau to Wörlitz. They will walk in Wörlitz Park with flyer distribution and accompany the line back 15.39 hrs* to Dessau.

All day
Free admission to the historic Bauhaus buildings: Bauhaus buildings, master houses, consumer buildings
Information and free tickets at: bauhaus-dessau.de

10.00 a.m. + 10.45 a.m. + 11.30 a.m. + 12.15 p.m. + 1.00 p.m.
Guided tours of the construction site in the Stahlhaus
Information and free tickets at: bauhaus-dessau.de

11 a.m.
For children: Castle Olympics – The Big Four
Castle adventure tour with Silke Wallstein, Department of Castles and Collections
Mosigkau Palace, meeting point: Garden Kingdom Shop
Information at: gartenreich.de

2 pm
Garden Kingdom Summer: Concert
Luisium Park, bridge at the south gate
Information and tickets at: anhaltisches-theater.de

7.30 pm
The World Heritage Day ends on the terrace of the Kornhaus with the best view of the Elbe and musical sounds by Jazzfeel.
Free admission!