World Cleanup Day 2021

Once a year, people in over 180 countries around the world come together to rid their environment of trash and litter. Whether in parks, on beaches, rivers, in forests or on the streets in front of our door everywhere the garbage is carelessly thrown away and destroys not only nature, the oceans, animals and their habitats, but also our living and well-being spaces are littered with garbage.

One place that we as a city marketing company have created together and as a contribution to our city is the Garden Dreams Lounge on the market square in Dessau. What is intended for feeling good and lingering is gratefully accepted by citizens and tourists.

Unfortunately, despite additionally attached disposal facilities, the carelessly discarded garbage is not absent here either.
Therefore, we would like to use the Cleanup Day next Saturday, 18.09., to free the marketplace and the Garden Dreams Lounge from litter.

Who would like to join us can be gladly in the time of 10.00 – 13.00 o’clock locally and with us in the center of our city not only together clean up, – also the topic is to be brought again into the heads of all to pay attention more to the environment and to begin with the simplest things, like the correct disposal of its garbage.

More informations here.

Everything needed for cleaning, we bring with us!