The weekend at the Anhaltisches Theater

On Friday, Mozart’s great opera “Don Giovanni” can be seen for the last time this season at 7:30 pm in the Grosses Haus. In Johannes Weigand’s production, the entire music theater ensemble will be on stage. The action takes place in a hotel suite of a luxury hotel in Seville, where the eponymous Casanova has already seduced countless women, but tragically stabs the governor of Seville during his last conquest…

On Saturday, the Papillon salon orchestra will play a “coffee concert” in the Princess’s garden in Wörlitz at 3 pm under the motto “Weekend and Sunshine”. Visitors can expect an entertaining music program with coffee and cake in an idyllic atmosphere. There are only a few tickets left.

At 6 pm, the gondolas will set sail from Wörlitz Park for the second lakeside concert entitled “Auf Holz geblasen”. At a price of 72 euros per person, the concert offers a triad of a gondola ride, dinner on the gondolas and a concert by the Trio d’Anches of the Anhalt Philharmonic Orchestra on the shore, which guests can listen to from the water.

On both 1 June at 7 pm and 2 June at 6 pm, the members of the Anhaltisches Theater ballet ensemble will be demonstrating all their skills as dancers and choreographers in an extremely varied evening of dance theatre at the Altes Theater in “Duplexity – Junge Choreograf*innen #V”. According to MZ critic Joachim Lange, the audience can look forward to a “celebration of dance, imagination and professional skill”.
At the “Philharmonic Music School Concert”, the Anhalt Philharmonic Orchestra Dessau and the orchestra and soloists of the “Kurt Weill” Music School will perform together on stage at 7 pm in the main auditorium. Under the direction of GMD Markus L. Frank, students and professionals sit side by side at the desks and perform music from Beethoven, Bizet, Márquez and Vivaldi to musical numbers from “Bye Bye Birdie” and “Mary Poppins”.

On Sunday at 2 p.m., the “Wandelkonzert”, which starts at the Amtsfähre Wörlitz, offers the opportunity not only to experience music in the Garden Kingdom, but also to learn interesting facts about the historic site during a short walk. The Dessau String Quartet will perform a short program at suitable points. The afternoon program, for which only remaining tickets are available, will conclude with a coffee and concert in the garden of the Princess’s house in Wörlitz.

Dates 31.05.-02.06.2024

31.05.2024, 07:30 p.m., Large House
Don Giovanni
(Last performance of this season)

01.06.2024, 03:00 p.m.,
Garden of Princess Wörlitz Coffee concert “Weekend and sunshine”
Papillon salon orchestra (remaining tickets)

01.06.2024, 06:00 p.m.,
Wörlitz Park gondola station
2nd lake concert “Blown on wood”
Trio d’Anches of the Anhalt Philharmonic Orchestra

01.06.2024, 07:00 p.m., Old Theater

01.06.2024, 08:00 p.m., Großes Haus Philharmonic music school concert
Joint concert by the Anhaltische Philharmonie Dessau with orchestra and soloists from the “Kurt Weill” music school

02.06.2024, 2:00 pm, Wörlitz Park Transformation Concert (remaining tickets)
Dessau String Quartet

02.06.2024, 05:00 p.m., Großes Haus
Der Vogelhändler (remaining tickets)
(Last performance of this season)

02.06.2024, 06:30 p.m., Altes Theater

Picture credits:
The Bird Trader © Claudia Heysel