Concert rush in front of the city hall

This week we present a very special music program. The Summer Lounge 2022 will be celebrated with a total of five concerts, a true concert rush on Dessau’s market square. It will also be a reminder of the Leopoldsfest, which for many years on the same date – the first weekend in July – attracted a large audience from near and far as a major city festival.

On Thursday, June 30, 2022 at 6:30 p.m., /red masu:/ will ring in the summer lounge on the small open-air stage. On a large stage in front of the Dessau Town Hall, the Summer Lounge will be officially opened on Friday, July 1, 2022 at 7 p.m. in the presence of Prince Leopold I of Anhalt-Dessau, the Old Dessauer and namesake of the Leopoldsfest. From 19.30 Young Province and then from 22.00 chroniKBattery bring the stage to shake. On Saturday, July 2, 2022 we get a visit from the Fläming. From 19.30 clock first The Tidetones and then the Excelsis rock band rock the stage. Spectacularly the concert rush ends at 0.00 o’clock with a height firework, which is to remind of the legendary fireworks of the Leopoldsfeste.

Information about the bands The band /red masu:/ was founded in the early 2000s and initially played its way across large and small stages with blues and classics of the typical pub music scenes. The repertoire changed after a short break in the direction of jazz rock and jazz blues. Today there is more music easily beside the mainstream, in addition also soul, reggae and pop. But always true to the motto: only what the band likes is played! And of course the audience.

Young Province is a rousing live band from Dessau. Together they fill pubs, make the feet of the guests glow at weddings and create a moody atmosphere with their honest sound. The musicians see themselves as a cover band in the rock/pop spectrum and will delight the open-air audience.

ChroniKBattery is a young rising star in the sky of the electronic music world. The DJ from Dessau puts on the turntables and gets the masses dancing with his unmistakable sounds.

The rockabilly quartet “The Tidetones” from the high Fläming bring authentic sound like the 50’s on stage! Red hot rock’n’roll tracks meet instrumental numbers of the early 60’s in a musical shake! Elvis, Eddie Cochran, Johnny Burnette, Chuck Berry, Dick Dale, and The Shadows say hello!

The members of the Excelsis rock band are musicians with heart and soul. Each of them has his or her own musical past and musical preferences. They cover out of passion and not because they can’t do it better. In their repertoire are known but also unknown songs from different music genres. They are simply the best thing that can happen to an event with live music!

Due to weather conditions, there may be short-term cancellations, we ask for your understanding in this case.