Review of the year of the zoo

The Dessau Zoo can look back on a very successful year. A total of 151,344 zoo and cultural guests paid a visit to the Dessau Zoo. Of these, 144,303 were zoo visitors with 3,263 dogs and 7,041 cultural guests who came to the Dessau Zoo only for the events of the Anhaltisches Theater Dessau and the Dessau Summer Cinema. Compared to the previous year, this is an increase of 15,253 visitors and 654 dogs. “We are very satisfied with the result and at the same time very grateful to those responsible from politics and administration in the city of Dessau-Roßlau for the support provided. ” comments zoo director Dipl.-Biol. Jan Bauer the annual result.

The result shows how important the Dessau Zoo is as a soft location factor for the city of Dessau-Roßlau and the region of Anhalt, southern Brandenburg and northern Saxony. Due to its popularity and the quality of the facility, the zoo staff could also look forward to a great wave of solidarity and very large support from the population in 2022. In addition to many donations, a very large number of animal and tree and bank sponsorships were signed.

In the animal population at the end of 2022 were counted 526animals in 105 species. Interesting new additions in 2022 were two pairs of stilts for the North Beach Aviary. Otherwise, the animal population was supplemented by animal purchases and exchanges.

The zoo team was particularly proud of four first-time breeders. The first offspring were the guanacos, the Chinese tree chipmunks, the Manchurian ring-necked pheasants and the European tawny owl. But also the numerous offspring of the prairie dogs and nandus were special highlights for all zoo staff as well as visitors.

With the death of female jaguar “Ciska” and the last two porcupine monkeys “Horst” and “Kathi”, the zoo lost three of its most charismatic inhabitants.

Structurally, a lot also happened at the Dessau Zoo in 2022. A large part of the work was carried out in the infrastructure and behind the scenes. However, measures that are visible to visitors were also carried out, such as the renovation of the path surface at the Anhalt teaching farm and the creation of two new rose beds at the Anhalt farm. Furthermore, both the raccoon and jaguar enclosures were redesigned. Several new seating areas and wastebaskets were installed in the park.

The Friends of the Zoo supported the zoo both financially and with personnel for the various events. As a special highlight, the Friends of the Animal Park presented a large employment ball for the Ussurian Ruffed Bears.

The zoo employees want to continue building at the Anhalt teaching farm, and of course they are looking with excitement at the old railroad yard, where work must finally continue this year. At the Mausoleum Dessau, construction work continued in the outdoor area by the Jugendbauhütte.

The zoo team looks forward to the year 2023 and hopes for numerous animal offspring. Particularly with the Ussurian collar bears and the dromedary mare “Greta” the tension is very large. Here it concerns animals the first time young animals to the world to bring and at the same time it would be also first births for the zoo Dessau.

Also in 2023 there will be many interesting events in the zoo Dessau. The focus will be on the festivities for the numerous anniversaries this year. For example, the Lehrparkschule will be 35 years old, the Dessau Zoo will be 65 years old and the Ducal Mausoleum will be 125 years old. In addition, the Tierparkfreunde Dessau e.V. will be celebrating its 30th anniversary.

In addition to the established events such as the Zoo Festival, the Autumn Market, the Summer Cinema and the Summer Theater, there will be several concerts and a vocal theater in the Mausoleum for the first time.