Live music and coziness

The Open Stage at the market place

The Open Stage on the market square is no longer an insider tip. Already in its fourth year, it takes place every Thursday in the Gartenträume Lounge and has become a permanent fixture in the regional music scene. Here, talented artists meet an enthusiastic audience and together create an atmosphere full of music and coziness.

The Gartenträume Lounge offers the perfect setting for the Open Stage. With its unique character, it invites you to sit down, relax and enjoy. The combination of colorfully planted lounge furniture, atmospheric lighting and a stage waiting to be brought to life by talented artists creates a unique overall situation.

One of the main features of Open Stage is the promotion of regional talent. Every week, different artists perform and present their skills.

From singer-songwriters to bands to solo artists, there is something for every musical taste. The variety of genres is impressive: from folk and rock to jazz and blues to pop, there is something for everyone. The Open Stage thus offers a platform for musicians of all styles and contributes to the diversity of the regional music scene.

Visitors to the Open Stage can look forward to unforgettable evenings. Whether alone, with friends or family – the live music and the balmy summer nights create a great atmosphere.

The Open Stage at the Market Square in the Garden Dreams Lounge is a real treat for music lovers and definitely worth a visit. So come by, enjoy a beautiful summer evening in the heart of the city. Until the final event on 21.09.2023, the city marketing company as organizer cordially invites you.

Click here for the program.