New bouncing games bring more fun and movement

The Stadtmarketinggesellschaft Dessau-Roßlau invites children, young people and adults to experience the joy of bouncing with a colorful and exciting selection of new bouncing games. From now on, residents and visitors to our city can discover the newly added bouncing games at various locations and put their dexterity and fitness to the test.

A year and a half ago, the city marketing company, together with the company S. I. D. Schaefer Industriebedarf & Dienstleistungen, installed the first two interactive floor stickers in the city. These are now being expanded to include three thermoplastics. Bouncing games are not only an entertaining leisure activity, but also promote the mental and motor skills as well as the health of the participants by encouraging them to move more.
The bouncing games offer a wide range of activities for different age groups and abilities – there is something for everyone. The colorful playgrounds are located throughout the city.

For example, activity circles can be found in Ratsgasse in front of the tourist information office, a movement game at the west exit of Dessau’s main train station, and in Roßlau on Hauptstraße bouncy boxes in the shape of ships near the tourist information office and library.

Hannes Wolf, Managing Director of the Stadtmarketinggesellschaft is excited about the expansion of the project: “With the new bouncy games, we want to encourage people of all ages to move more and have fun with physical activity. We hope the new games will also strengthen the community and become places to play and laugh.”

The hopscotch games are freely available to anyone who is interested and are an invitation to play and linger across generations. All are welcome to share the games and experience happy togetherness in good spirits.