"Lots to throw away you still have!"

The Garden Dreams Lounge on Dessau’s market square is a small, green oasis that invites young and old alike to relax.

To ensure that all visitors can feel comfortable there in the long term, we must all make sure that any garbage that is produced is not simply left lying around, but is put in the bins provided.
“City marketing and city maintenance work together very cooperatively in matters of cleanliness, yet the high volume of waste on some days is considerable. We appeal to all lounge users to dispose of their trash properly,” says Angela Luft from Stadtmarketinggesellschaft Dessau-Roßlau mbH.

In general, there are sufficient waste garbage cans available in the area of the Garden Dreams Lounge. To make it easier to find the trash cans and perhaps even sweeten the waste disposal with a smile, the city marketing company has decorated trash cans and wastebaskets in and around the Garden Dreams Lounge with ten modified famous quotes. Additional signs in the flower beds also call for the observance of cleanliness in our city.

The goal of the small action is that the trash cans with the recommending inscriptions are noticed and used more.