Presale start Kurt Weill Festival

The second part of this year’s Kurt Weill Festival goes on pre-sale.

Corona has changed things, plans have been crossed and traditions have been challenged. But changes also bring innovations, and these can certainly have their beautiful sides.

This year, for example, guests of the Kurt Weill Festival, which takes place on the anniversary of his birth, will be able to enjoy a very special treat – an additional summer season with great open-air events.

From a planning point of view, it certainly made sense to take advantage of the excellent conditions offered by Dessau-Roßlau in warmer weather and to move the concerts to an open stage in the open air, thus creating a unique offering.

We are talking about 26 concerts in 8 days at 6 different locations. Among them wonderful settings like in front of the Mausoleum in the Dessau Zoo.

Interested parties should hurry, the tickets are highly coveted and quickly sold out. If you are looking for the all-round package, you should take a look at our travel offer “Dessau for Weill fans”, but here, too, the offer is very limited.

An overview of all concerts can be found here.