Thermoplastic jumping games

From today, you can go hopping in the city centre.
A new and colorful project to revitalize and attract downtown and a way for kids to use stimulating and diverse play areas easily and safely was installed today by the city marketing company.

Thermoplastic floor stickers that allow for spontaneous play, communication and movement, reminding us of our childhood and providing a laugh.
With these child-friendly floor markings, the public space is enhanced and gets a playful added value with applications in different shapes.

Initially, the project will be tested at two locations in the city, in Zebster Street and Lily Herkin Square.

The city marketing company would like to have more thermoplastics installed in the city area and thus contribute to the joy of young and old.

A city centre is enlivened with many and also with small things and so perhaps this project also contributes to bringing more movement into the city.

In addition to the two locations in the city centre, you can also discover playing on the path in Dessau-Nord at Kinderplatz (corner of Kant-/Goethestraße) or in Ackerstraße in the Leipziger Tor neighbourhood.