Elbe Cycle Route Manual 2022 published

Germany’s most popular long-distance cycle route is gearing up for the coming season. The official handbook for the route is completely updated – and, as usual, is free of charge.

Pirna, January 12, 2022 (tvssw) – At one end, the rocky world of the Krkonoše Mountains, at the other the expanse of the North Sea, in between 1300 kilometers of nature, villages, cities and metropolises: The Elbe Cycle Route is one of the great cycling experiences in Central Europe. An important planning tool for tours along the river is the official Elbe Cycle Path Handbook. It is published annually with a print run of 200,000 and informs cycling vacationers about everything they need to know in preparation and en route – from the exact route of the path to accommodation for the night. The completely updated edition for 2022 can be ordered now at elberadweg.de or downloaded digitally.

The Elbe Cycle Route is the most popular long-distance cycle route in Germany. This is the result of the ADFC Cycle Travel Analysis 2021. For the 15th time, the route landed in the top spot – more often than any other route through the country. About 800 kilometers of the trail run on the German side, and about 500 on the Czech side. It crosses impressive natural landscapes such as the Elbe River Landscape UNESCO Biosphere Reserve or the Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland National Park region with its striking table mountains. The route also passes through the cultural metropolises of Hamburg, Magdeburg and Dresden – a branch along the Vltava River even leads to Prague.

A highlight in the 2022 season on the Elbe Cycle Route is the 9th Saxon State Garden Show, which can be experienced in Torgau from April 23 to October 9.

In addition to the scenic diversity and the high quality of the route, cyclists along the Elbe Cycle Path particularly appreciate the large number of bike-friendly accommodations: About 500 hosts on both sides of the river have adapted to cyclists passing through. Among them is even the winner of the German Tourism Award 2021 with the Werkhaus Destinature Village in Hitzacker!

The Elbe Cycle Route Handbook, traditionally published in handlebar-pocket oblong format, features detailed stage maps to help you find not only the route and bike-friendly accommodations, but also other points of interest such as nearby attractions and bike repair shops. Shelters, bridges and train stations as well as ferries with travel times are also listed. Thanks to financing by the Elbe Cycle Route project partners, the handbook is free of charge for cyclists. Daily news about the route supplements the official portal.

Source: Project coordination Elbe Cycle Path South
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