Dancing Dessau returns

Breakdancing is a street dance form that originated as part of the hip-hop movement among African-American youth in Manhattan and the southern Bronx in New York in the early 1970s. Dancing is done to pop, funk or hip-hop. For many young people, it offered an alternative to the violence of urban street gangs. In the summer of 1985, this new passion also appeared in Germany.

The first group was founded in Dessau, and the Bauhaus city quickly became the spearhead of the breakdance movement in the GDR. The film “Dessau Dancers” also highlighted this development in the cinemas of Germany. Today, breakdancing demands a high level of discipline from the dancers, who often have to possess athletic skills. Breakdance is today a worldwide spread and recognized dance form. Breakdance culture sees itself as free of boundaries of ancestry, gender or age.

Now that breakdancing has also become an Olympic sport, the dance form is returning to its origins in Germany – with an International Breakdance Contest.

On October 23, 2021 on Saturday was the
successful start in Dessau. 2022 even the German
Championship took place in the Bauhaus city. Also 2023 one will not have to do in Dessau
will not have to do without breakdancing.

This time in the crew battle: 3 vs. 3

The host Thomas (Battle Toys / Plochingen) will accompany you through the event.

Tickets are available here.


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