Concert for peace

The cultural creators Heike and Axel Huth use their “weapons”, in this case the music, to draw attention to the current situation in the world! So they try, together with numerous supporters, to help! They want to improve exclusively the humanitarian situation of the people who have to flee from war! Things, which are urgently needed, must be procured and also paid. This “Concert for Peace” should help to improve the lives of these people a little bit!

No political statements will be made, only pointed out that war can not be a solution!

One alone can only do little, but together we will achieve something! Therefore, all residents of our twin city are called upon to set an example and come to the marketplace in front of the Dessau City Hall on 27.03.2022, from 14.00 to 19.00! The donations collected there, every single euro, is guaranteed to arrive where it is urgently needed!

Please help us to help others!

Anyone who would like to support can contact Heike and Axel Huth via social networks or by phone (0340-2532217). Every helping hand is needed!