City tour bus to make your own

The Dessau-Roßlau handicraft sheet – No. 1 – “MAN SD200 (SD 80) of the local traffic friends Dessau” can be acquired immediately for tinkering in the tourist information for 2.50 euros. Small and large tinkering friends can build their own Dessau city tour bus with scissors and glue. The original vehicle was built by MAN in 1980 for the regular service of the West Berlin public transport company. In 1994, the bus was converted into a convertible and operated as a city tour bus in Berlin. In 2021, the Nahverkehrsfreunde Dessau took it over to offer sightseeing tours in Dessau.

Based on the standard paint scheme of the Dessau buses from the 90s, orange stripes were applied and the “Visit Dessau” lettering of the city marketing as well as rows of words with all the sights and famous personalities to be discovered on the city tour were attached.

The city tours start every Saturday at 1 and 3 p.m. until the end of October. Tickets are available at the tourist information offices.

You want to give away a city tour? Then the handmade bus is a perfect gift certificate.