Campaign for caravan and bike tourism

City marketing company Dessau-Roßlau launches
a cross-media advertising campaign to promote active tourism.
of active tourism.

Dessau-Roßlau – “No-love-for-one-night” will be the slogan for the next four weeks.
weeks. Initially, it will be large-format and eye-catching at key locations in
important source market cities in Germany. The campaign will be targeted at Dresden, Berlin
and Hamburg as well as Bamberg, Münster, Potsdam, Meissen and Weimar.
“With two emotional motifs for bicycle and caravan tourism, we are addressing the
target groups that are increasingly following the positive trend of active tourism in
Germany,” says Franziska Staudte of Stadtmarketinggesellschaft
Dessau-Roßlau ltd. For the Destination Dessau Rosslau takes place with the Claim
“No -love -for -one -night” the suggestion to simply stay longer.
The aim of the campaign is to experience urban nature, art and culture actively and not only
Dessau-Roßlau offers the perfect backdrop for a wide range of activities.
the perfect backdrop.
The campaign is being promoted across all media, with the first step focusing on out-of-home advertising.
focus will be on out-of-home advertising and targeted promotional measures.
Digital marketing, online ads, video clips and advertorials in trade journals and magazines support the
magazines will support the advertising activities for a longer period of time.
advertising activities for a longer period.

The campaign site created for this purpose, Keine-Liebe-für-eine-eine- welcomes the potential guest with inspiring content, concrete
tips on excursions, leisure and cultural activities, and booking options.
“Following the travel trend of the last two years, we see with the cross-media
of cycling and caravanning tourism, we see a great opportunity for our city.
our city. Because after two drastic Corona years we want to purposefully
attract more visitors again. The favorable location of Dessau-Roßlau along the
international cycle routes, coupled with a wide range of cultural attractions, is paying dividends
current momentum for individual cycling and caravanning tourism,” explains Hannes Wolf.
Hannes Wolf, managing director of the Stadtmarketinggesellschaft Dessau-Roßlau mbH, explains
Dessau Rosslau ltd., the extensive measures for the tourism marketing of this year.
Tourism marketing.
The campaign development and conversion of the recruiting measures take place
with support of the country Saxonia-Anhalt by subsidy handing out from
the Corona Special Assets Act.

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