Bauhaus Festival 2023

This year’s Bauhaus Festival will be celebrated under the motto Mechanical Bodies on September 1 and 2, 2023. The creative impulse is the Mechanical Ballet by Kurt Schmidt. In performative projects, space – and art installations as well as experimental conversation – and mediation formats, the “spirit of the machine” will be told in and around the Bauhaus building and the perfect machine will be juxtaposed with the imperfect human body.
The Mechanical Ballet is considered the main work of the Bauhaus artist Kurt Schmidt. The abstract (pseudo-mechanical) ballet was premiered in 1923 as part of the “Bauhaus Week” at the Theaterhaus Jena and, even more than the Triadic Ballet by Oskar Schlemmer, stood for the break with the hitherto existing expressionist Bauhaus stage.

Henceforth, the new social design utopias of the Bauhaus were associated with terms such as mechanization, automation, standardization. At the Bauhausfest 2023, the social and cultural backgrounds of Kurt Schmidt’s stage work will be questioned and the utopian contents of the work will be critically transformed into the present with the associated dystopias.

Admission to the Bauhaus Festival 2023 costs 5 euros. Tickets are valid for both festival days and are available at the box office – or now in the online ticket store and at the box offices of the Bauhaus Dessau.

The complete program of the Bauhausfest 2023 is available