Anniversary at the castle

Traditionally, in July and August of each year, the Wasserburg in Roßlau is transformed into a theater setting and becomes the home of ambitious actors from Berlin for 5 weeks.

What began in a small way 25 years ago, became bigger from year to year and with the founding of theaterBurg e. V. in 2005, became a supra-regional promotion of independent theater culture in Saxony-Anhalt and beyond the state borders. From 300 spectators 25 play evenings and additional program points became such as the child theater, readings, concerts and Workshops.
The program created especially for the Burgtheater Summer is intended to tell stories and make people tangible in their trials and tribulations.

Here, no hackneyed thigh-slapping is played, – much more it is about an exchange of the city dwellers with the prudence of the small town, your citizens, the cordiality and the contrast.

A win-win situation for both sides. An enrichment of the cultural offer for the city, its associations and citizens and a 5-week inspiration break for the young artists.

We are very much looking forward to the new playing season, which starts on 12.07.2022 and congratulate warmly to the 25th anniversary.

Click here for the program.