Passages Bauhaus – City

Art Installations in Public Spaces

May – October 2019

A dot becomes a line, and the line turns into a surface. The students of the Peter Behrens School of Arts in Düsseldorf have taken the study of movement by Wassily Kandinsky, combined it with choreographies by William Forsythe and realised them three-dimensionally in the city’s public domain. The project Passages Bauhaus – City invites visitors to the Bauhaus centenary celebrations to experience the route from the Bauhaus building to the main station and the Anhalt Theatre, and from there to the Bauhaus Museum Dessau, interactively.

The concept: a black ball begins to roll, becomes a controlled line, then a sound space in the main station. Walking becomes an ever-changing experience – between guiding lines, sliding doors and trampolines. The project plays with contrasts. Visually, the installations are in a uniform black and offer a surprising, diverse array of sensual impressions – in haptic, kinetic and acoustic ways. The project also plays on the atmospheres of urban spaces: wide-open spaces are bordered, round spaces crossed with lines, the horizontal is broken by jumping on a trampoline with high, upward movements. With this, the walk becomes a dynamic and sensual amusement for everyone, an invitation for play.