Törten estate

Walter Gropius (1926-28)

Housing shortages and capital destruction caused by the inflation of 1922/23 required innovative solutions for house and apartment construction. Gropius built town houses using industrial production methods and prefabricated concrete parts. To match the needs of the residents, there are three distinct types of houses, which differ in size and ground plan; but limited costs prevented Gropius from introducing any more individual designs. The residents had the opportunity to grow food on the land adjoining the houses.

Opening hours / Prices

Bauhaus Building / Master's Houses / Visitor Centre in the Konsum Building

Open daily from 10.00 a. m. to 5.00 p. m.

Single ticket for one historic building: 8,50 €

Combined ticket for all historic buildings: 15 €
(valid for 3 days, does not include the Bauhaus Museum Dessau)