Invisible Places

Exhibition in the City's Public Spaces

March–November 2019

Dessau served as a laboratory for the Bauhaus in the 1920s. The town of Dessau did the funding and promotion, the Bauhaus did the experimentation and production. During the seven years in which the Bauhaus operated in Dessau, cafés, apartments and shops were furbished with furniture and textiles from the workshops, building façades and park pavilions were designed, and its graphic design was manifested in exhibitions, advertising brochures, newspapers and brand images.

The open-air exhibition Invisible Places takes you back to the 1920s with more than a dozen stops along the way. It illustrates the sense of an ambitious industrial town and shows the numerous places where the Bauhaus masters lived and worked in Dessau. Events such as Rebhuhngeschnetzeltes à la Gropius, recreational activities such as canoeing or walking through the water meadows by the Elbe, and piano music by Satie and Stuckenschmidt will bring the atmosphere of the Bauhaus in all its manifestations vividly to life.