Bauhaus building

The cathedral of modernism

The school building built on an open field in combination with the Bauhaus and the municipal vocational school, exemplifies Walter Gropius’ unambiguous language of form. He pushed various cubes, each of which had its own utilisation, into one another and projected these uses transparently outside the building by means of the façade design. In his workshop wing, Gropius succeeded in creating a free façade design made solely of glass with transparent corners, by decoupling the outer wall from the supporting construction of the house.

Opening hours / Prices

Bauhaus Building / Master's Houses / Visitor Centre in the Konsum Building

Open daily from 10.00 a. m. to 5.00 p. m.

Single ticket for one historic building: 8,50 €

Combined ticket for all historic buildings: 15 €
(valid for 3 days, does not include the Bauhaus Museum Dessau)