More Bauhaus in Dessau

Master's Houses (Walter Gropius 1925-26, UNESCO World Cultural Heritage)

The ensemble, consisting of a single house and three double houses named after their first inhabitants Gropius, Moholy-Nagy/Feininger, Muche/Schlemmer and Klee/Kandinsky showcases spacious modern living and working. Here, too, the window design indicates the use to which the studios were put, with large window surfaces facing northwards for the artists’ studio.

Törten settlement (Walter Gropius 1926-28)

Housing shortages and capital destruction caused by the inflation of 1922/23 required innovative solutions for house and apartment construction. Gropius built town houses using industrial production methods and prefabricated concrete parts. To match the needs of the residents, there are three distinct types of houses, which differ in size and ground plan; but limited costs prevented Gropius from introducing any more individual designs. The residents had the opportunity to grow food on the land adjoining the houses.

Kornhaus, Richard Paulick, 1929-30

This trip restaurant on the Elbe, with its clearly-arranged guest and function rooms, the glazed vestibules to the west and large terrace looking on to the Elbe, combines functionality and harmony with the landscape.

Loggia apartment buildings (Laubenganghäuser), by Hannes Meyer 1930, UNESCO World Cultural Heritage

Hannes Meyer designed these multi-family houses with the outer northern entrances (‘Laubengänge’) as low-priced rented apartments for everyone. These practically-angled apartments are still rented to this day, so the houses can only be viewed from the outside. A model apartment is showcased during guided tours.

Historic employment office building (Walter Gropius 1928-29)

This structure consists of functional buildings that reflect the tasks of the working office, such as the payment of unemployment benefits and counselling procedures, in its floor plan of concentric rings, which are oriented on a two-storey administrative tract. The facade of yellow bricks is unusual for Gropius – he designed the facade in this manner due to the view of the historical cemetery


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