Museums and exhibitions

Dessau-Roßlau’s museum landscape is multi-faceted, from the museum of the history of the power supply (Museum zur Geschichte der Stromversorgung) to the high-class collection of old masters.


Technology Museum (Technikmuseum)

The ‘Hugo Junkers’ technology museum in Dessau on the grounds of the former Junkers aircraft and engine works gives an insight into Junkers’ life and his technically-outstanding achievements in the early 20th century.

An elaborately-restored original of the Ju 52 is the focal point of the exhibition in the ‘Hugo Junkers’ technology museum. In addition to the Ju 52 and the replica of an F 13 – the first civilian all-metal aircraft in the world – gas-fired boilers and engines bear testimony to Junker’s inventiveness. The exhibition also describes the beginnings of civil aviation.


Museum of Town History (Museum für Stadtgeschichte)

The Museum of Town History is located in the Johannbau, the only remaining part of the former castle residence of the Princes and Dukes of Anhalt.

The permanent exhibition ‘Schauplatz vernünftiger Menschen – Kultur und Geschichte in Anhalt|Dessau’ (‘Showplace of cleverly-reasonable persons – culture and history in Anhalt|Dessau’) gives an insight into the 800-year-old cultural history of Dessau and the region.

For a limited period, the Museum of Town History is temporarily displaying selected treasures from the painting gallery in the Georgium (a landscaped garden), which is being extensively restored.


Kurt Weill Centre (Kurt-Weill-Zentrum)

The Kurt Weill Centre was founded in 1993 and is the only European Documentation and Information Centre covering the life and work of the Dessau composer. The Centre is located in the Feininger Master House.


Museum of Natural History and Prehistory (Museum für Naturkunde und Vorgeschichte)

This family-friendly museum with its town landmark, the tower, was built as the Leopold-Dank-Stift foundation between 1748 and 1750. The museum has exhibitions and collections on the topics of geological history, ecology, man and the environment.


Moses Mendelssohn Centre (Moses Mendelssohn Zentrum)

The Moses Mendelssohn Centre, headquarters of the association Moses Mendelssohn Gesellschaft e.V. Dessau, hosts a permanent exhibition about the life of the rationalist and philosopher in the house at Mittelring 38 in the Törten Bauhaus estate.


Shipbuilding and Maritime Museum (Schiffbau- und Schifffahrtsmuseum)

The Shipbuilding and Maritime Museum showcases the history of Elbe shipping and the 145-year-old tradition of shipbuilding in Roßlau with model ships and maritime items.


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